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Right now the system automatically displays the first few pages of an issue. if the magazine has ads or is laid out in a typical format the first few pages also include the table of contents, the masthead and maybe editor's letter. So, unless we rearrange the content the preview pages do not showcase the content of the issue. We have rearranged our content to put the aforementioned items at the back of the magazine, except for the table of contents. It would be better if the publisher could leave the page order in the typical magazine layout and just choose what pages to showcase when publishing. It also would be great if the publisher could choose up to 8 pages to showcase and if the previews were enlargeable to full screen by the user by tapping on the thumbnails. On iPhone X you can't really read the text in the thumbnails. The goal is to improve conversions of single issue sales.

Done Android App iOS App Portal Web App Suggested by: Ron Kuchler Upvoted: 25 Feb, '19 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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